SSH Mounts


Please take care when using this method and mounting large files! You should not use it on /scratch/NETID, but instead create a small folder called /scratch/NETID/sync, and only sync your text files.

Moving on

By far the easiest method to edit files it use ssh mounting.

Digital Ocean has instructions for Ubuntu, OSX, and Windows.

SSH Keys

Optionally, follow their instructions for creating ssh keys here.

Ubuntu Users

The syntax provided by Digital Ocean needs to be changed slightly.

sudo mkdir -p /mnt/droplet
sudo sshfs -o allow_other,IdentityFile=/home/$USER/.ssh/id_rsa /mnt/droplet
ln -s /mtn/droplet /home/$USER/projects/dalma

If you prefer to set up remote editing within your text editor, please see the entry on  Atom.

Unmount your directory when you are finished.

sudo umount /mnt/droplet