Atom is a cross platform editor. The site hosts the most up to date installation instructions.

Install Plugins

Plugins are optional and can enhance your text editing experience. If you are ever editing files in a particular language and having trouble, take a look for some syntax checkers.

Go to Settings -> Packages. Search for ‘atom-beautify’, and install. Do the same for ‘language-yaml’, ‘indent-guide-improved’ and ‘linter-js-yaml’.

Important: If you are connected to a VPN or proxy server then this may cause issues in which case please disconnect from the above networks and try again.

Remote Editing

Remote FTP

The remote-ftp plugin reads your files through ssh.

Optional – Set up SSH Keys

For this to work can set up ssh keys. ssh keys are basically your computer’s signature which you can use to tell a computer who you are and that you are trusted.

Important: the ssh-keygen command will prompt to enter a password. Please do not enter one – just press enter/return until you are returned to the command prompt (usually it takes 3 enters to get you there).


With SSH Keys

If you followed the previous step to set up ssh keys, or already had then setup, use the following configuration. Change the ‘NETID’ entries with your netid.

Without SSH Keys

Add a project folder in Atom. Select the main toolbar -> Packages -> Remote FTP -> Toggle. Select ‘Edit Configuration’. Cut and paste the appropriate configuration. Save the file, and select ‘Connect’.

Important: some people will need to log into dalma initially via ssh in order to make this work. To do so, please do: ssh, enter your NYU password and then press enter until you are returned to the command prompt (do not create any new passwords if prompted – just press enter instead!).

Other packages

There are other packages, but I have not been able to get them to work. Your mileage may vary.

SSH Mount

Finally, you can always just set up an ssh mount, but then you need to make sure the directory is mounted each time you want to edit.